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Trains, Tunnels, Bridges: icons of our New Zealand rail history
Whitcoulls Publishing, Auckland 2013

New Zealand's railway story is rich with challenges met by audacious engineering. Railway took its place as the backbone of a nation from the earliest days, as settlers drove lines through some of the world's toughest terrain. Taking its content from Matthew Wright's best-selling Big Ideas: 100 Wonders of New Zealand Engineering, and New Zealand On The Move, Trains, Tunnels, Bridges offers a one-volume quick reference to some of New Zealand's best known and most exciting railway achievements.

New Zealand on the Move follows the winning formula of Wright's best-selling book Big Ideas: 100 Wonders of New Zealand Engineering.

Paperback, 136 pp
ISBN: 9781877327520

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New Zealand on the move: 100 Kiwi road, rail and transport icons
Random House, Auckland 2011

New Zealanders have always been a people on the move. Ever since the earliest colonial age, Kiwis have got about the country in vehicles of all kinds from horse-drawn wagons to smoke-belching locomotives, classic aircraft and a fabulous procession of much-loved motorcars.

In this lively survey of a hundred of our best-loved, iconic or just plain quirky trains, planes, trucks, cars and motorcycles, Matthew Wright re-aquaints us with some of the ways we used to get around.

New Zealand on the Move follows the winning formula of Wright's best-selling book Big Ideas: 100 Wonders of New Zealand Engineering.

Paperback, 232 pp
ISBN: 9781869794521

Out of print.

Motorbikes around New Zealand
Whitcoulls, Auckland 2008

Motorbikes have captured the imagination of Kiwis for over a century. This profusely illustrated book takes a snapshot look at New Zealand's motorcycling history, from the earliest bicycle-derived machines to the sleek and powerful bikes of the early twenty-first century..

ISBN 978 1 877327 47 6


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Trucks across New Zealand
Whitcoulls, Auckland 2006

This book is a snapshot of New Zealand's trucking history, from the steam wagons of the early nineteenth century to the big rigs and working vehicles of the twenty-first, with a look at some of the more unusual types of truck - hot rods and house trucks - along the way.

ISBN 1-877327-39-5


Out of print

Cars around New Zealand: a history of Kiwi cars
Whitcoulls, Auckland 2005

New Zealand is a nation of car owners, and has been - at least in spirit - ever since the first horseless carriages rumbled along our roads. This book provides a snapshot of New Zealand's love affair with cars, capturing the flavour of what cars have meant to us over the decades.

ISBN 1-877327-38-1


Out of print

Rails Across New Zealand - A Social History of Rail Travel
Whitcoulls, Auckland 2003

Classic rail travel in New Zealand was synonymous with indestructible cups and the inevitable 'refreshment room' scrum. This lavishly illustrated book covers the history of of New Zealand's trains and train travel from the 3060s into the 21st century.

ISBN 1-87732-714-X


Out of print


Wings Over New Zealand - A Social History of New Zealand Aviation
Whitcoulls, Auckland 2001

This illustrated history traces the story of civilian flight in New Zealand from its beginnings into the 21st century.

ISBN 1-877327-09-3


Out of print

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